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Long Story Short

Doug Louiselle is a Nashville-based musician. He graduated from what was the Tech Music Schools of London (now British & Irish Modern Music Institute) from the Master's Performance Course in 2011 for Drum Performance and Music Composition. Doug has a long musical background, starting with 9 years of piano, and plays guitar & bass as well. Continuing to play all over the U.S.A. & many parts of the U.K., Doug is a young but seasoned drummer, who is equally as comfortable in the studio as he is on stage. Follow his social media to keep up to date with his goings-on! @dglou_






Session Drummer

Doug has drummed on tons of projects in the studio for both his own work, and tons of happy clients. His drumming has been played on the largest Country stations in Minnesota K102 & Buz'n 102.9, the largest Rock station 93x, the largest variety station Cities97, and The Current. 

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Songwriter & Producer

Over the years, Doug has written hundreds of songs, both personally, and as a co-writer with others. Writing and Producing Ranging from Pop, to Country, to Hard Rock, Doug's songs have been featured on MTV, ESPN, 93x, Cities97, and professional sporting events. Doug has several songwriting projects involving members of One Direction, stars of The Voice, and many others. He is always willing and eager to work with new songwriters/singers/collaborators. 


Corporate Composition

When you see an advertisement, the first thing that crosses your mind may not be "I wonder who composed the music for this laundry detergent ad." Well, it could have been Doug, whilst sitting in his underwear, hopped up on coffee. Doug has composed music and soundscapes for several global companies. His ability to communicate in a corporate world and translate a vision into a finished product has lead to dozens of happy clients. 


4 E + A

4 E + A is the company that Doug designs custom clothing, accessories, and various other items under. You can click here to visit his dedicated website.